E1 Supplier relations management (SRM)

A solid alternative to SAP SRM products.

Flexible and scalable solution trusted by

and more than 100 other companies

Russia's leading pork meat producer runs Cognitive SRM since 2017

# 2 electric company in the world

Russian electric grids monopoly runs Cognitive SRM since 2017

Russian state development bank runs Cognitive SRM since 2015

Administration of St.Petersburg

# 2 city in Russia with more than $5B of core assets runs Cognitive SRM since 2014

Government of Bashkortostan Republic

# 5 region in Russia with more than $3B of core assets runs Cognitive SRM since 2014

Vladimir region Government 

Russia's most innovative region runs Cognitive SRM since 2014


E1-SRM is a full cycle back-office Purchase to Pay software solution featuring:
SKU-oriented drill-down demand planning engine

Create requisitions, group and regroup requests, create sourcing events with 1 click​.

Employees self-service interface for requisitioning

User-friendly interface with high employees adoption rate. Let the business users track their orders and plan fulfilment times.

In-the-box integrations

With SAP ERP, 1C, eMarketplaces and WMC. Import and export structured data at every step.

Mobile ready

Adaptive mobile-friendly GUI, cross-tested with all major platforms.

Integrated BMP

Easy to build and customize your own process with visual builder, including smart nodes (machine learning integration)

Integrated reports builder

Easy to build and customize your own reports with no coding. Create your dashboards.

Alerts and notifications

Create custom email notifications for any system event and any single user or role.


Full featured eArchive system is embedded.

Custom forms and templates builder

Build requisition or any other templates on-the-go and save them for future usage. Create templates for every doc in the system or use pre-generated set.

Integration with budgeting

Keeps track of the budget items linked to requisitions and further down to contracts fulfilment.

Custom controls and smart field-checking

Easy to create custom conditions and embed them in the form fields. Use pre-generated rules or modify them on-the-go.

Contract management

Industrial grade full featured CLM system is embedded.

Role-centered model
Active Directory support

Flexible role-centered rights management system allows for complex structures.

Synchronise your org charts and rights from your corporate AD.

Advanced information security

Banking grade standards of infosecurity and transparency.

MS Office integration

See the changes in the DOC files and keep track of the versions and comments.

Competitive Advantages

Highly customizable

Low cost of change

SaaS / on-premise flexible

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